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FROSIO Certified Surface Treatment Inspector

FROSIO Certified Surface Treatment Inspector

Frosio Certified Surface Treatment Inspectors – Welcome to FROSIO approved Training body the Harvish Technical Services (HTS Coatings). FROSIO Certified Surface Treatment Inspectors courses are being conducted in all international locations every month.

FROSIO is an affiliated establishment started in 1986 by the coating industries to achieve a thriving need for competent and accredited personnel on all levels within administration, execution, and inspection of coating protocol within corrosion control and surface treatment.

FROSIO operates thru the alignment of quality demands for corrosion protection and insulation inspectors. FROSIO approval and certification programs are being achieved high universal acceptance and a FROSIO-certified inspector is a specific prerequisite within various international standards and specifications.

HTS Coatings / Harvish Technical Services was created in response to demands from specifying / procurement authorities for evidence of practical training and competency in industrial surface preparation and protective coating application. This would complement other industrial skills sector schemes. Additionally, enables contractors to provide ‘best value’ service to maximize coating performance over structure life and to reduce whole life cost.

Considering global and Indian expenditure /costs pertaining to corrosion and replacement of assets, material integrity at regular intervals is deemed mandatory. To mitigate or alleviate corrosion the sort of control in relation to international prevailing guidelines and standards is deeming imperative, thus the requirement of Corrosion related skills shall be increased to combat corrosion in all industries in India and the rest of the world.

What is FROSIO?

FROSIO certification is a recognition of competency and quality in the field of inspection for individuals working in the Norwegian oil and gas industry. The FROSIO training program covers a range of topics including inspection methodologies, codes and standards, corrosion protection, and NDT techniques.

What is surface treatment inspection?

 Surface treatment inspection refers to the process of evaluating the quality and consistency of the surface of a material or product after it has undergone a surface treatment process, such as painting, coating, or plating.

Why is surface treatment inspection important?

Surface treatment inspection is crucial for ensuring that the surface of a product meets the required specifications and standards for performance, durability, and aesthetics. It helps to detect and correct any defects, deviations or inconsistencies that could impact the product’s overall quality and integrity.

Who performs surface treatment inspection?

Surface treatment inspection is typically performed by a team of trained and qualified inspectors or quality control personnel, who have the necessary knowledge and expertise to evaluate the surface of a product and identify any defects or deviations.