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FROSIO Vs NACE Comparisons


FROSIO Vs NACE Comparisons

FROSIO vs NACE which is better?

FROSIO Certification Vs NACE Certification. There are many International certifications present in coating industries such as FROSIO Certification / NACE / ICorr / BGas / SSPC. In recent years, SSPC & NACE amalgamated with AMPP. However, in the present market, the FROSIO Vs NACE increasingly demanding. But the FROSIO certification is being considered by many new students and NACE students by comparing many aspects such as Cost, Schedule, Training duration, number of registrations, number of examinations, and course formats. The following FROSIO Vs NACE comparisons are detailed with unbiased information.


  1. FROSIO Certification is Accredited by ISO 17024 with a rigorous evaluation process to fulfill as a Certifying body
  2. FROSIO previously known and referred to as NS 476
  3. In Coating International Certification bodies, ONLY FROSIO has ISO 17024 accreditation 
  4. FROSIO Training Bodies are Approved by FROSIO Board (Norway) with frequent auditing processes in line with ISO requirements
  5. With only ONE REGISTRATION (one-course training), students should pursue their levels according to their proven experience 
  6. For any levels of Certification, students should complete 80 hours of Training 
  7. In FROSIO, Students should pay ONLY ONE fee (For Training & Examination) – For ALL 3 LEVELS
  8. Training will be conducted by Approved Training Body and Examination will be conducted by FROSIO by an approved Third party Invigilator 
  9. FROSIO Examination corrected / Marked by Third-party evaluators
  10. Due to the Descriptive type examination, the students will remember the knowledge LIFETIME
  11. FROSIO renewal every 5 years with nominal and reasonable renewal fees (ONLY Euro 160.00)C


  1. NACE does not possess any international accreditation or own standards
  2. NACE & SSPC presently known as AMPP
  3. In Coating International Certification bodies, NACE has no ISO accreditation yet
  4. NACE Training conducted by NACE system and Training Bodies are approved by NACE Team without any ISO guidelines & recommendation 
  5. For every level of Certification, Student should appear with separate registration
  6. For EVERY Level of Certification, 40 hours of training are mandatory in NACE programs (CIP Level 1 & 2)
  7. For NACE Each Level, the Student should pay separate Training and Exam fees
  8. Both Training & Examinations will be conducted by NACE Team only. Practical by NACE Instructor and Exam by CBT centers in various locations
  9. NACE Practical Exams conducted by NACE instructors and Theory Exam conducted by NACE CBT
  10. In the NACE exam, the objective typed question, thus the students may forget the intended in within a short period
  11. NACE renewal shall be done every 3 years with an Ethics course, PDH hours, and renewal fees (more than US$ 800 + Cost of every PDH hour)